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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayMS541Cologne Bonn Airport (DE)05:15
MondayMS543Istanbul Airport (TR)04:13
MondayMS185Marsa Alam Airport (EG)08:20
MondayMS515Nosara Beach Airport (CR)22:55
MondayMS3251Niamey (NE)18:05
MondayMS272Hurghada International Airport (EG)11:30
MondayMS282Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)11:30
MondayMS284Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)13:30
MondayMS274Hurghada International Airport (EG)13:30
MondayMS668King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)14:00
MondayMS652King Khaled International Airport (SA)14:30
MondayMS521Ostend Airport (BE)18:25
MondayMS85Aswan Airport (EG)17:00
MondayMS549Ndjamena Airport (TD)20:50
MondayMS24Luxor International Airport (EG)17:20
MondayMS505Sharjah Int. Airport (AE)18:09
MondayMS621Kuwait International Airport (KW)22:30
MondayMS959Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CN)04:19
TuesdayMS5075Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CN)06:10
TuesdayMS5012King Khaled International Airport (SA)05:10
TuesdayMS533Milano Malpensa (IT)08:50
TuesdayMS780London Heathrow Airport (GB)14:55
TuesdayMS272Hurghada International Airport (EG)11:30
TuesdayMS282Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)11:30
TuesdayMS284Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)13:30
TuesdayMS274Hurghada International Airport (EG)13:30
TuesdayMS545Istanbul Airport (TR)14:54
TuesdayMS63Luxor International Airport (EG)14:40
TuesdayMS758Amsterdam Schiphol (NL)20:05
TuesdayMS668Marsa Alam Airport (EG)15:40
TuesdayMS432Marsa Alam Airport (EG)15:45
TuesdayMS778London Heathrow Airport (GB)20:30
TuesdayMS748Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (GR)17:50
TuesdayMS503Dubai Airport (AE)16:40
TuesdayMS25Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)16:15
TuesdayMS915Abu Dhabi Int. Airport (AE)19:14
TuesdayMS185Marsa Alam Airport (EG)19:00
TuesdayMS521Ostend Airport (BE)22:25
TuesdayMS515OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)02:27
TuesdayMS3061Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CN)23:15
TuesdayMS5016Kuwait International Airport (KW)21:00
TuesdayMS2915Abu Dhabi Int. Airport (AE)22:28
TuesdayMS511Suvarnabhumi Airport (TH)03:45
TuesdayMS959Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CN)04:04
WednesdayMS5075Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CN)05:35
WednesdayMS5012King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)03:45
WednesdayMS2917Abu Dhabi Int. Airport (AE)04:44
WednesdayMS539Cologne Bonn Airport (DE)07:41
WednesdayMS996Marsa Alam Airport (EG)08:25
WednesdayMS3063Kenneth Kaunda Int. Airport (ZM)16:36
WednesdayMS272Hurghada International Airport (EG)11:20
WednesdayMS543Istanbul Airport (TR)11:40
WednesdayMS282Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)11:30
WednesdayMS638Baghdad International Airport (IQ)13:05
WednesdayMS284Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)13:30
WednesdayMS274Hurghada International Airport (EG)13:30
WednesdayMS3006John F. Kennedy Int. Airport (US)05:15
WednesdayMS507Baghdad International Airport (IQ)15:40
WednesdayMS668Marsa Alam Airport (EG)15:40
WednesdayMS185Marsa Alam Airport (EG)17:29
WednesdayMS778London Heathrow Airport (GB)20:30
WednesdayMS25Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)16:15
WednesdayMS786Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)19:10
WednesdayMS758Amsterdam Schiphol (NL)20:01
WednesdayMS85Aswan Airport (EG)17:00
WednesdayMS3101Baghdad International Airport (IQ)17:40
WednesdayMS915Abu Dhabi Int. Airport (AE)18:15
WednesdayMS3085Kuala Lumpur (MY)20:50
WednesdayMS541Cologne Bonn Airport (DE)23:48
WednesdayMS2915Abu Dhabi Int. Airport (AE)23:42
WednesdayMS959Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CN)03:35
WednesdayMS702Amman (JO)00:01
ThursdayMS5071Sharjah (AE)02:45
ThursdayMS5072Sharjah Int. Airport (AE)02:45
ThursdayMS3008John F. Kennedy Int. Airport (US)19:02
ThursdayMS515Nosara Beach Airport (CR)22:55
ThursdayMS5056Belgrad Nikola Tesla Airport (RS)12:50
ThursdayMS272Hurghada International Airport (EG)11:20
ThursdayMS282Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)11:30
ThursdayMS5075Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CN)16:05
ThursdayMS911Assiut Airport (EG)13:00
ThursdayMS284Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)13:30
ThursdayMS274Hurghada International Airport (EG)13:30
ThursdayMS3152King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)14:35
ThursdayMS63Luxor International Airport (EG)14:40
ThursdayMS41Hurghada International Airport (EG)15:30
ThursdayMS778London Heathrow Airport (GB)20:30
ThursdayMS902Assiut Airport (EG)16:00
ThursdayMS25Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)16:15
ThursdayMS3154King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)16:35
ThursdayMS521Ostend Airport (BE)21:37
ThursdayMS505Sharjah Int. Airport (AE)18:27
ThursdayMS913Assiut Airport (EG)19:00
ThursdayMS541Cologne (DE)00:45
ThursdayMS2913Assiut Airport (EG)22:00
ThursdayMS621Kuwait International Airport (KW)23:19
ThursdayMS748Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (GR)23:40
FridayMS5072Sharjah Int. Airport (AE)05:15
FridayMS513Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)10:51
FridayMS432Marsa Alam Airport (EG)05:15
FridayMS549Ndjamena Airport (TD)14:25
FridayMS3032Kuwait International Airport (KW)11:30
FridayMS911Dubai Airport (AE)11:40
FridayMS282Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)11:30
FridayMS272Hurghada International Airport (EG)11:45
FridayMS902Dubai Airport (AE)13:20
FridayMS3028Kuwait International Airport (KW)14:00
FridayMS274Hurghada International Airport (EG)13:30
FridayMS284Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)13:30
FridayMS5014King Khaled International Airport (SA)15:00
FridayMS650Savannah (US)08:47
FridayMS3202King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)16:00
FridayMS778London Heathrow Airport (GB)20:30
FridayMS3154King Khaled International Airport (SA)16:52
FridayMS25Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)16:15
FridayMS5058Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (GR)16:10
FridayMS652Marsa Alam Airport (EG)16:45
FridayMS5044Sofia Airport (BG)16:50
FridayMS541Cologne Bonn Airport (DE)21:45
FridayMS913Dubai Airport (AE)20:17
FridayMS521Ostend Airport (BE)01:55
FridayMS3034Kuwait International Airport (KW)23:01
SaturdayMS621Marsa Alam (EG)01:15
SaturdayMS3003Dubai Airport (AE)02:55
SaturdayMS5075Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CN)06:05
SaturdayMS3253Dubai (AE)02:55
SaturdayMS5012King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)03:05
SaturdayMS5045Bamako (ML)11:00
SaturdayMS543Istanbul Airport (TR)02:55
SaturdayMS3101Bangkok (TH)08:14
SaturdayMS513Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NG)11:25
SaturdayMS272Hurghada International Airport (EG)11:20
SaturdayMS282Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)11:30
SaturdayMS3201Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport (LB)11:05
SaturdayMS274Hurghada International Airport (EG)13:30
SaturdayMS284Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)13:30
SaturdayMS85Aswan Airport (EG)14:00
SaturdayMS63Luxor International Airport (EG)14:40
SaturdayMS25Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)16:25
SaturdayMS41Hurghada International Airport (EG)16:40
SaturdayMS668Marsa Alam Airport (EG)15:40
SaturdayMS780London Heathrow Airport (GB)19:56
SaturdayMS778London Heathrow Airport (GB)20:30
SaturdayMS786Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)19:08
SaturdayMS518Chhatrapati Shivaji Int. Airport (IN)18:45
SaturdayMS913Marsa Alam Airport (EG)19:30
SaturdayMS5042Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)07:40
SaturdayMS541Cologne Bonn Airport (DE)03:15
SaturdayMS959Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CN)04:41
SundayMS5018King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)01:10
SundayMS518Chhatrapati Shivaji Int. Airport (IN)03:13
SundayMS5014King Khaled International Airport (SA)03:20
SundayMS3006John F. Kennedy Int. Airport (US)21:46
SundayMS3101Nanjing Lukou International Airport (CN)11:50
SundayMS282Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)11:30
SundayMS272Hurghada International Airport (EG)11:30
SundayMS5056Belgrad Nikola Tesla Airport (RS)13:50
SundayMS543Istanbul Airport (TR)12:25
SundayMS642King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)12:40
SundayMS274Hurghada International Airport (EG)13:30
SundayMS284Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)13:30
SundayMS996Toronto (CA)04:55
SundayMS652King Khaled International Airport (SA)14:30
SundayMS668King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)14:00
SundayMS521Ostend Airport (BE)18:55
SundayMS778London Heathrow Airport (GB)20:22
SundayMS185Marsa Alam Airport (EG)16:15
SundayMS41Hurghada International Airport (EG)16:30
SundayMS505Sharjah Int. Airport (AE)18:20
SundayMS541Cologne Bonn Airport (DE)21:44
SundayMS5077Hong Kong International Airport (HK)00:25
SundayMS533Milano Malpensa (IT)00:10
SundayMS509Suvarnabhumi Airport (TH)03:20
SundayMS959Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CN)04:05
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
MS185 on 05/2020
MS521 on 05/2020
MS778 on 05/2020
MS507 on 05/2020
MS521 on 04/2020
MS509 on 04/2020
MS540 on 04/202029mn
MS520 on 04/20202h23mn
MS512 on 04/20207h55mn
MS5011 on 04/20201h14mn
MS521 on 04/2020
MS5016 on 04/2020
MS5015 on 04/20203h23mn
MS505 on 03/2020
MS521 on 03/2020
MS69 on 03/2020
MS611 on 03/2020
MS340 on 03/2020
MS362 on 03/2020
MS412 on 03/2020
MS666 on 03/2020
MS664 on 03/2020
MS631 on 03/2020
MS682 on 03/2020
MS986 on 03/2020
MS902 on 03/2020
MS664 on 03/2020
MS834 on 03/2020
MS360 on 03/2020
MS748 on 03/2020
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