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Nile Air
Country : EG
> DeparturesFlightDestinationTime
MondayNP115Gassim (SA)16:35
TuesdayNP81Aswan Airport (EG)06:55
TuesdayNP101Taif (SA)12:55
TuesdayNP139Hail (SA)18:35
TuesdayNP109Jouf Airport (SA)19:50
WednesdayNP81Aswan Airport (EG)06:55
WednesdayNP71Luxor (EG)07:30
WednesdayNP53Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)11:50
WednesdayNP63Hurghada International Airport (EG)11:50
WednesdayNP87Aswan Airport (EG)11:55
WednesdayNP101Taif Airport (SA)12:55
WednesdayNP107Tabuk Regional Airport (SA)18:50
ThursdayNP81Aswan Airport (EG)06:55
ThursdayNP51Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)07:00
ThursdayNP115Gassim (SA)16:35
ThursdayNP107Tabuk Regional Airport (SA)18:50
FridayNP81Aswan Airport (EG)06:55
FridayNP83Aswan Airport (EG)06:55
FridayNP51Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)07:00
FridayNP71Luxor International Airport (EG)07:30
SaturdayNP113Yanbu (SA)00:45
SaturdayNP73Luxor (EG)06:25
SaturdayNP81Aswan (EG)06:55
SaturdayNP71Luxor International Airport (EG)07:25
SaturdayNP6111Madrid (ES)11:00
SundayNP81Aswan (EG)06:55
SundayNP51Sharm el Sheikh (EG)07:00
SundayNP53Sharm el Sheikh (EG)11:50
SundayNP191Istanbul (TR)12:00
SundayNP101Taif (SA)12:55
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayNP114Yanbu Airport (SA)04:56
MondayNP74Luxor International Airport (EG)10:45
MondayNP82Aswan Airport (EG)11:35
MondayNP72Luxor International Airport (EG)11:30
MondayNP54Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)15:35
MondayNP192Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (TR)17:00
TuesdayNP114Yanbu Airport (SA)05:20
TuesdayNP72Luxor International Airport (EG)10:35
TuesdayNP82Aswan Airport (EG)11:35
TuesdayNP116Gassim (SA)21:50
TuesdayNP162Kuwait (KW)22:49
TuesdayNP140Hail (SA)23:35
TuesdayNP110Jouf Airport (SA)23:49
WednesdayNP114Yanbu Airport (SA)05:05
WednesdayNP72Luxor International Airport (EG)10:35
WednesdayNP82Aswan Airport (EG)11:35
WednesdayNP54Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)14:35
WednesdayNP64Hurghada International Airport (EG)14:35
WednesdayNP88Aswan Airport (EG)15:25
WednesdayNP112Khartoum (SD)00:20
ThursdayNP114Yanbu Airport (SA)05:20
ThursdayNP52Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)10:00
ThursdayNP72Luxor International Airport (EG)10:35
ThursdayNP82Aswan Airport (EG)11:35
ThursdayNP64Hurghada International Airport (EG)14:35
ThursdayNP192Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (TR)17:00
ThursdayNP128King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)17:09
ThursdayNP108Tabuk (SA)22:45
FridayNP116Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport (SA)03:32
FridayNP142Jazan (SA)06:25
FridayNP52Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)10:00
FridayNP84Aswan Airport (EG)10:45
FridayNP72Luxor International Airport (EG)10:45
FridayNP82Aswan Airport (EG)11:45
FridayNP54Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)14:35
FridayNP192Istanbul (TR)17:00
FridayNP128Jeddah (SA)17:00
FridayNP102Taif Airport (SA)18:25
FridayNP112Khartoum (SD)00:20
FridayNP110Jouf (SA)23:49
SaturdayNP114Yanbu Airport (SA)05:20
SaturdayNP74Luxor International Airport (EG)09:40
SaturdayNP72Luxor International Airport (EG)10:45
SaturdayNP82Aswan Airport (EG)11:35
SaturdayNP54Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)14:35
SaturdayNP64Hurghada (EG)14:35
SaturdayNP116Gassim (SA)21:36
SundayNP142Jazan (SA)06:25
SundayNP52Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)10:10
SundayNP72Luxor International Airport (EG)10:45
SundayNP82Aswan Airport (EG)11:35
SundayNP54Sharm El Sheikh Airport (EG)14:35
SundayNP192Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (TR)17:00
SundayNP128King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)17:00
SundayNP102Taif Airport (SA)18:14
SundayNP108Tabuk Regional Airport (SA)22:45
SundayNP6113Luxor International Airport (EG)00:10
SundayNP112Khartoum International Airport (SD)00:20
Disclaimer : the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
NP110 on 11/2019
NP192 on 11/2019
NP110 on 11/2019
NP116 on 11/2019
NP52 on 10/2019
NP102 on 10/2019
NP102 on 09/2019
NP52 on 09/2019
NP114 on 08/2019
NP112 on 07/2019
NP102 on 07/2019
NP62 on 07/2019
NP112 on 07/2019
NP112 on 07/2019
NP118 on 06/2019
NP52 on 06/2019
NP128 on 06/2019
NP82 on 05/2019
NP106 on 05/2019
NP128 on 05/2019
NP128 on 05/2019
NP162 on 05/2019
NP110 on 04/2019
NP128 on 04/2019
NP108 on 03/2019
NP82 on 03/2019
NP104 on 02/2019
NP192 on 01/2019
NP62 on 01/2019
NP108 on 01/2019
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